Geos – a drag&drop CMS for fast-track implementation of beacon-based indoor navigation

Geos – a drag&drop CMS for fast-track implementation of  beacon-based indoor navigation

Indoor navigation with the use of a mobile device? Using the Geos platform developers can easily provide this kind of service to mobile device users in any given place. It only requires a few beacons, a map of the building and little time.

Geos is an Internet platform available here: Using the platform any person can launch beacon-based wayfinding services in any chosen place, free of charge. The system provides the possibility to create a micro-location service within a building, add floors, zones, routes and define smart, contextual information to be presented on mobile devices when they arrive on the spot. Most importantly, Geos is the first simple drag&drop CMS for beacons. No programming skills are necessary to use the system. This way the time needed to implement beacon-based services was brought down to minimum. Launching such functionalities as wayfinding is simplified to placing beacons around the building, indicating their location on a map and planning routes.



A free Geos app is made available on the App Store, which allows use of beacon-based indoor navigation immediately after it have been designed and implemented. In addition, creators of the platform provided SDK for iOS and Android, which may be used to create dedicated mobile applications with the use of micro-location beacons. The platform itself is equipped with a simple analytical system, which provides the tools to analyse mobile application usage.

The platform is created by the Polish company Ifinity, which implements complex beacon-based services. All of Geos functionalities are free of charge. Any commercial use of the system to install beacon-based services in more than one location will require a $60 monthly subscription.

Geos is an operating system for fast-track implementation of beacon-based indoor navigation. We have developed it and test it during our implementation for City of Warsaw. Currently the system may only be used with Ifinity beacons, but soon we plan to open it to other manufacturers. We expect, that in the hands on independent developers, software house representatives and commercial entities it has a chance to grow into a major global implementation tool for Internet of Things solutions – says Adam Jesionkiewicz, CEO of Infinity.