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Smart City

Ifinity beacons are small transmitters which placed around buildings, trains and items, assist citizens with their everyday life. Indoor navigation, context & location awareness, remote control integration, you name it, we provide it. Complete with real-time reporting & analytics.

Smart People

Ifinity systems enhance the location awareness of your mobile devices and enable you to interact with objects or services available at your location using only a smartphone. We navigate you thru buildings. We provide additional information when you need it. We help you achieve the purpose of your visit.

Smart Living

Ifinity solutions let you remotely control devices using your mobile. Our hardware connected with tailor-made software provides real-time control of different parameters like: placement, temperature, sunlight and humidity. No need to be present at the spot.

How our services change your life?


Make your city interactive
and accessible


Create responsive


Equip your staff with
crucial information they need


Enhance visitors’

Retail & ESL

Conect your products
with buyers

Parking Spaces

Find your space and your car
with a blink of your eye

Virtual Warsaw
with Ifinity beacons

Ifinity is placing thousands of beacons around Warsaw to facilitate mobility for the visually impaired. The applied technology integrates with existing electronic systems at public offices and buses allowing them to navigate their way and providing them with remote services. As result, Ifinity’s implementation transforms the lives of the visually impaired, saving them hours of travel per day and allowing them greater self-sufficiency.

Urban information system for visually
impaired. See how it works

Public bus upon request
with Ifinity beacons

The City of Warsaw, as part of the Virtual Warsaw Project, has commissioned Ifinity to carry out a pilot deployment of a beacons in the selected public buses around Warsaw. The system is going to assist passengers with integrated services like: real-time schedules, delay information, incoming vehicle warning, notifying about reaching the chosen station. Ultimately application will plan optimum route by means of public transport based on the given destination

The pilot implementation will
be launch at December 2014

What do beacons do?

Indoor navigation

Our systems display a virtual map of the office, marking our current position. It automatically recognizes the direction in which we are heading, and building floor.


By choosing the matter that we have to deal with or destination that we want to reach, the application automatically maps the route on the basis of our current location.


We create maps of public buildings, shopping malls, train stations, airports, to make them available to blind, disabled and elderly people.

Context & location awareness

Our systems can engage with users in real time providing information related to their exact location.

Remote control integration

Our system enables remote controlling of objects connected to the electronic grid and integration with existing in-house services.

Real-time reporting & analytics

Our systems allow to collect and analyze users data in real time providing patterns and relations for their actions.


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