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Smart shopping lists

We make our shopping lists to remember. Our solution makes it possible not only to share the lists with the family, but pings the smartphone and reminds that you need to buy something the moment you get to the shelf on which it sits.

ESL / Loyalty programs

Finally it’s possible. We can dynamically manage prices and rebates. Depending on frequency of purchases, number of products in the basket, number of pieces of the same product in hand or the total amount due, we can dynamically modify the rebate for each product separately and inform the customer about it while they’re shopping.

Navigation towards the product

Possibility to guide the customer to a given product in several stages – to the shop, to the department, to the specific product on a shelf.

Navigation towards the store

We guide the customer to a particular store. Stores can be selected based on products, brands, types of products on offer or other criteria. Instead of wandering about the shopping center the route may be planned for customer’s comfort.

Contextual information about the product

We provide the possibility to display extended information about the product when the customer approaches it in the store. Instruction manuals, videos, promotional materials, suggestions of use, comments, reviews, related products – all this can be presented to the customer at the moment the purchase decision is to be made.

Contextual information about the location

We provide the possibility to display extended information about different stores, toilets, ATMs and other facilities. Instruction manuals, videos, promotional materials, suggestions – all this can be presented to the customer while he is on premises. Not too much – only in specific locations, based on their needs.

Promoted products

Information regarding promoted products are sent directly to the mobile device in the form of a message from the app. How to avoid annoying users with such messages? By personalizing the messages – e.g. we only send information to those clients standing in the particular department of the store, by the specific type of products. Can’t decide on their own?

Reducing the empty basket effect

If the client leaves without making any purchase and they spent a while at a particular department? Could they not make a decision? Maybe you could offer them a rebate at the exit? Maybe you could direct them to your online outlet? They can be turned around.

Mobile payments

Users of mobile devices may use them to make payments. How is this different from existing payment methods? We know who is at the cash register and we send that particular person a confirmation of payment. No codes, no need to register amounts, or present generated images. Just a simple “yes, I accept”. Ifinity Beacons may be integrated with existing payment systems.

Locating family members at shopping centers

Let’s not lose each other again, so we don’t have to look for each other anymore. We know where the kids are, we know when they leave the area where they should stay and we allow staff to call on parents’ mobile when a child gets lost.

Mall parking lots

The Ifinity Beacon technology makes it possible to locate available parking spaces, navigate the driver towards the nearest available space, remotely pay for parking and give security officers the option to call on the vehicle owner when necessary. It provides reports on space availability and full analytics of the system available in real time.

Customers with impairments

Center of equal opportunities – we open new places to those, whose cognition or mobility is limited. Ifinity Beacons create a digital layer of space visible and hearable to the impaired. Thanks to this technology we are able to navigate visually impaired people or those using wheelchairs and provide additional information to those with hearing impairment. Right at the very moment when they need it most. Just as they expect it.

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