City friendly to their
citizens and tourists

Powered by Ifinity Beacons

Timely public transportation

Our technology provides the possibility to locate public transportation vehicles in real time. This makes it possible for us to provide a range of improvements for citizens traveling by public means. Real time schedules. Delay information. Information about the incoming vehicle and its location with respect to the user. Planning the optimum route by means of public transport based on the given destination. Notifying about reaching the chosen station. Integration with existing payment and virtual ticketing systems.

Smart city information

Each of us needs extensive information every day. But we do not need to obtain all this information at once. Smart cities are those, which provide their citizens with only specific information, which may be required at their current location. Ifinity beacons allow for information to be presented on the user’s device when they reach a specific location. Useful tips at the city hall? Virtual tours for tourists? Warnings displayed in specific locations when required? You point us to the right location and we will do the rest for you.

Technology for equal opportunities

The city should be equally accessible to everyone. Ifinity Beacons create a digital grid, an additional layer of the city made of data. It is visible to the blind and it can be heard by the deaf. Thanks to our technology we are able to provide means of navigation for citizens whose vision or hearing is impaired. Right at the very moment when they need this most. Just as they expect it.

Microlocalization for citizens in city offices

How often do citizens feel lost, when they need to resolve an official matter with city officers? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a virtual map of the city hall, which will guide you to the right place from your current location? Thanks to Ifinity Beacons it is now possible. The system automatically recognizes the direction in which you are going and the floor that you are currently on. By choosing the matter which you need to resolve with the office or the place where you need to go the application will plan the route to your desired location from the exact place where you currently are.

Virtual applicant

Ifinity Beacons allow for integration with existing electronic systems at public offices. Thanks to our application it becomes possible to e.g. remotely book a queue number at a given office, remote monitoring of the number of people in the queue, following official processes and remotely calling on the applicant to visit the office.

Parking space management

Do cities with no traffic jams and no need to spend long precious time on searching parking space even exist anymore? Ifinity Beacon technology makes it possible to identify available parking spaces in parking lots, navigate drivers to the nearest available space, remote parking fee payment and it also gives city officers the option to remotely call a vehicle owner to their vehicle. It also allows for creating reports on the number of taken spaces and full real time analysis.

Digitization of city payments

Ifinity Beacons bring the possibility to introduce new payment methods to people in specific locations, which require them to make payments. Public transport tickets, parking tickets, stamp charges. All those payments can be performed with the use of a smartphone, without the need to wait in queue at a cash register.

Tourist GeoGuide

Allow tourists to discover your city on their own. Thanks to Ifinity Beacons we create interactive maps of tourist attractions, entire tours, and we navigate tourists between sightseeing locations. Mobile device users receive additional information regarding cultural events and locations when they approach them or go by (e.g. current theater/cinema repertoire). Navigation based on Ifinity Beacons works both outside and inside galleries and museums.

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