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Campus navigation

How often do students and visitors feel lost on your campus? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a virtual map of the building, which will point you to the right place from your current location? Thanks to Ifinity Beacons it is now possible. The system automatically recognizes the direction in which you are going and the floor that you are currently on. By choosing the faculty which you need to go to or the office which you need to visit the application will plan the route to your desired location from the exact place where you currently are.

Smart contextual information

Students, visitors, faculty and staff. Each one of us going through the campus is looking for some information. But we don’t need it all at once. Ifinity Beacons allow for information to be displayed on the users mobile device only when they reach a specific location. Useful tips regarding lecture halls. Information about the location of books available at the library. Additional information presented when walking through specific corridors. Just show us the place and we will do the rest.

Virtual University here and now

Ifinity Beacons allow for integration with existing university IT systems. Thanks to our application it becomes possible to book lectures and elective courses remotely, gain access to lecture materials, reserve books at the library and navigate to the location where they can be found.

University events

Scientific, cultural and social events are an important element of university life. Ifinity Beacons allow for those events to be more interesting and enriched with interactive activities. Remote conference reservation system, navigation to a particular room where an event is taking place, helping speakers find their way about the campus, smart-matching of participants based on any given criteria. All those functionalities increase attractiveness of organized events and finally give you the opportunity to meet and network with interesting participants.


Extracurricular student activity is an extremely important element of the process of education. Thanks to Ifinity Beacons there is the possibility to introduce elements of gamification related to students’’ location, like in a particular lecture or event. The points gathered for certain activity e.g. sports or scientific participation, may be added to the ECTS.


Ifinity Beacons gives complete insight into what is currently happening on campus. Reports regarding the way people move about the facilities, behavior patterns and full system analysis are available in real time based on periodical comparisons.

Parking space always available

A parking lot where a visitor doesn’t have to waste time looking for available parking space? Ifinity Beacon technology makes it possible to identify available parking spaces in parking lots, navigate drivers to the nearest available space, allow for remote parking fee payment and it also gives the option to remotely call vehicle owner to their vehicle. It also allows for creating reports on the number of taken spaces and full analysis in real time.

Digitization of payments

Ifinity beacons provides the possibility to introduce payment methods to people in certain locations which require making a payment. Notification of the required overdue payment for people present on campus, entry tickets, micropayments at the university cash registry. All those liabilities may be settled with the use of a smartphone, without the need to wait in a queue.

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