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Hospital & clinic navigation

How often do patients feel lost, when they need to visit a hospital or a clinic? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a virtual map of the building, which will point you to the right place from your current location? Thanks to Ifinity Beacons it is now possible. The system automatically recognizes the direction in which you are going and the floor that you are currently on. By choosing the matter which you need to resolve or the place where you need to go the application will plan the route to your desired location from the exact place where you currently are.

Contextual patient registry

Providing healthcare services for a patient requires fast access to their medical records. Ifinity Beacon technology allows for patients, their visits and test results as well as their medical history to be registered quickly, accurately and efficiently. All information regarding the patient is displayed in a clear way on a mobile device of a medic when they approach a patient. The information, which is then put into the device and all medical recommendations are updated in the main system and available to all medical personnel with proper level of authorization. The record system may be integrated with currently functioning IT systems.

Real-time equipment registry

Locating and effective management of medical equipment is often an element, which influences health and life of patients. Thanks to Ifinity Beacons we are able to determine the location of mobile medical devices in real-time, point to the closest device and manage reservations and calls for equipment.

Personnel registry

Locating and calling on medical personnel in critical moments is now also possible. Ifinity Beacon Technology allows for monitoring of medics’ presence in different rooms of the given facility, remote calling on chosen staff members and efficient management of their workload now based also on their exact location.

Digital support for the impaired

Healthcare facilities are often visited by people with different impairments. Ifinity Beacons create a digital map of the facility, which is visible and hearable to patients with disabilities. Thanks to this technology we are able to help the visually impaired and deaf people to navigate their way through corridors exactly when they need it most and as they expect it.

Virtual Patient

Ifinity Beacons allow for integration with existing IT systems. Thanks to our application it becomes possible to provide services for patients remotely, reserve their place in a queue at a hospital or clinic, monitor the queue, manage medical resources etc.

Parking space always available

A hospital parking lot where a patient doesn’t have to waste time looking for available parking space? Ifinity Beacon technology makes it possible to identify available parking spaces in parking lots, navigate drivers to the nearest available space, allow for remote parking fee payment and it gives security officers the option to remotely call vehicle owner to their vehicle. It also allows for creating reports on the number of taken spaces and full analysis in real time.

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