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Powered by Ifinity Beacons

Locating available parking space

How often do you spend more time than you think you should looking for parking space? Ifinity Beacon technology makes it possible to locate available parking space and helps navigate to the nearest available space based on distance or location.

Navigation to an available parking space

The system automatically recognizes the direction in which you are moving the level you are on. By choosing the matter which you want to resolve or the place you need to reach the application will point you to the most convenient parking space and then on your way back it will help you find your car.

Parking fee payments

Users of the application not only have the possibility to locate available parking space but also book the space, prepay, or pay after a given time of parking as well as after leaving the parking space using their mobile device. The Ifinity Beacon system allows for integration with existing payment systems.

Calling vehicle owners

Ifinity Beacons allow for vehicle owners to be identified and remotely informed that they need to return to their vehicles.


Ifinity Beacons give insight into what is currently happening on the parking lot. It provides reports on availability of particular parking spaces and full analytics of the system available in real time in the form of periodical comparisons.

Parking space management

Do cities with no traffic jams and no need to spend long precious time on searching parking space even exist anymore? Ifinity Beacon technology makes it possible to identify available parking spaces in parking lots, navigate drivers to the nearest available space, remote parking fee payment and it also gives city officers the option to remotely call a vehicle owner to their vehicle. It also allows for creating reports on the number of taken spaces and full real time analysis.

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