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Navigating art museums and galleries

How often do art gallery and museum visitors feel lost and overwhelmed by the number of exhibitions and exhibits? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a virtual map, which will indicate your current location and point you to the right direction? Thanks to Ifinity Beacons it is now possible. The system automatically recognizes the direction in which you are going and the floor that you are currently on. By choosing the exhibition, room or particular exhibit, which you would like to see you allow the application to plan the route to your desired location from the exact place where you currently are.

Contextual exhibitions information

How much more interesting would the experience of a museum or a gallery become with more complete information regarding particular exhibits, which visitors are currently looking at? Thanks to Ifinity Beacons you will provide augmented content related to the exhibits through the visitors mobile device right at the very moment they approach the chosen piece. Multimedia tour guide of the exhibition? Just show us the place where you need it to work, and we will create it for you.

Support for the impaired

Museums and galleries are places often visited by people with impairments. Impaired hearing or movement should not limit the ability to enjoy exhibitions. Ifinity Beacons create a digital map of buildings, which is visible and hearable to the impaired. Thanks to this technology we are able to help visually impaired visitors and those with motion disabilities navigate or provide deaf people with additional information suitable to their needs. The moment they need it and as they expect it.


Ifinity Beacons allow for complete analysis of what is currently happening inside the museum or gallery. Reports on how people move about exhibitions, the time they spend in front of each exhibit, behavior patterns and full analysis of the system is available in real time in the form of periodical comparisons.

Mobile Payments

Ifinity beacons provide the possibility to introduce mobile payment methods to people at certain locations, where they are required to make a payment. From now on you can purchase tickets using your smartphone, remotely, without the need to stand in a queue.

Finding family members

We will finally stop losing the sight of each other, and won’t have to look for each other again. We know where the kids are, we know when they leave the area, where they are supposed to be and we make it possible for museum or gallery staff to call upon the parents when a child gets lost.


How to encourage visitors to visit more often? Thanks to Ifinity Beacons there is the possibility to introduce elements of gamification based on their presence in the gallery, museum or during a specific event. Virtual points, badges for visiting subsequent exhibitions may allow for visitors to get discounts or free tickets.

Cultural events

Cultural events are an important element of each gallery’s and museum’s operations. Ifinity Beacons allow for these events to be enriched with additional interactive elements. A system of remote registration, reminders on varnishing day, navigation to the location where the event is taking place, navigation to the artist if they are present during the event, smart-matching of participants based on selected criteria and finally the possibility to meet and network with interesting people.

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