Navigation in Warsaw offices with Ifinity

Navigation in Warsaw offices with Ifinity

Navigation in Warsaw offices with Ifinity

Beacons are small devices about the size of a coin. Located inside offices, shopping malls, stadiums, railway stations and airports, they will revolutionize the way in which we move around, shop, run errands, and use public transport. The first usable implementation of this technology in the world has just been launched in the one of the offices in Warsaw by the Polish company Ifinity.

What are the Ifinity Beacons?

Try to recall, how many times you’ve helplessly asked for directions to get to some place. Soon, you won’t have to. The technology developed by Ifinity enables to create virtual maps of real spaces and locate users equipped in mobile devices inside buildings with the accuracy of a few centimeters. More importantly, however, Ifinity allows interaction with objects and services available in these areas. In the near future it will affect how we handle several daily affairs.

Beacons in Warsaw

The City of Warsaw, as part of the Virtual Warsaw Project, has commissioned Ifinity to carry out a pilot implementation of a navigation system in the Warsaw Center for the Disabled. The launched system was integrated with services available on site.



Virtual Warsaw is a technological breakthrough in access to urban services for the residents of Warsaw, including people with disabilities – as Adam Jesionkiewicz, CEO of Ifinity, explains. The applied micro-location technology developed by Ifinity enables much easier handling of affairs in offices: it maps routes depending on the matters that we have to handle and allows remote reservation of a place in a queue. The system also makes available official information, depending on our current location and is fully adapted to the needs of blind persons. I sincerely hope that soon all Warsaw residents will be able to use it.

It looks that the chances are high. The Virtual Warsaw project was submitted to the prestigious, international competition for the most innovative solution to urban challenges – Bloomberg Mayors Challenge 2014. While competition projects were submitted from 155 cities from all over the world, Warsaw and its project based on the above mentioned micro-location technology have made it to the finals. The winning city will receive 5 000 000 Euros for full implementation of the service. If this happens, the navigation system will be made available in all Warsaw offices, public transportation, museums and tourist information offices.

Virtual Warsaw project was initiated¬† and is realized by Warsaw Municipality. Ifinity Sp. z o.o. was selected as technology provider and mobile app designer for pilot’s phase of the project. As a recognition for city’s attempts to provide beacons based micro-navigation platform for visually impaired people, Warsaw has received¬† a main prize in Mayors Challenge, organised by Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation. The prize was accepted by Warsaw’s Major – Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.


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